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New Dietrich OT fake watch Styles & Price Cuts

When I had some hands-on time with the Dietrich OT-3 back in June, I rather liked what I saw (aBlogtoWatch Dietrich OT-3 fake watch review here). It was a unique case shape, of course, combined with some other organic and architectural elements that really gave it a distinctive look. Since then, the brand has introduced some models and changed pricing on the whole lineup, so we thought it would be worthwhile to gather that all in one place for you.

First up, let's get the pricing news knocked out of the way. While the Dietrich OT-1, OT-2, and OT-3 models originally went for $1,450, the newer pricing going forward is $1,215. While no reason was given, specifically, for the price drop, it should be welcome news to anyone who was planning to pick up a Dietrich OT watch.

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Likewise, their soon-to-come Dietrich OT-4 model has seen a price drop as well (from an initial $1,950) to $1,850. Why is this particular model priced so much higher than the rest of the lineup? The big difference for the Dietrich OT-4 (aside from the color scheme) is the forged carbon used for the bezel. Yes, we have written about the material previously. In those prior examples, it was often utilized to for the whole case; here, it's just an accent on the case. If this one is of interest to you, it is currently available, so you'll be right in time.

We were also given word on two new models that have launched in the fourth quarter. The first, the Dietrich OT-5, is a very earthy model. The steel case is hit with a brown PVD coating, and topped with a blasted-and-brushed bronze bezel. They don't call out a coating, so this will likely be developing a patina over time. Then, as you move into the four-layer dial, you will notice that three of the layers are in copper finish, further cementing the earth tones of the piece. Something about this $1,400 Dietrich OT fake watch feels very much like fall to me.

Then again, the new Dietrich OT-6 also has a very October feel to it, being as it has a black PVD finish, dark grey on several of the layers, and a bold orange used on the handset, various accents on the dial, and contrast stitching on the strap. In terms of pricing, the Dietrich OT-6 is the more affordable of the two, coming in at $1,250. The reason it's priced higher than the existing models (even without the use of different materials on the bezel) is due to the higher levels of finishing that they went for.

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All in all, it seems like all good news from the brand. Word of price drops is always good to share, and seeing the new models that are in the works certainly bodes well for fans of the brand. I do like seeing the new materials getting into the mix, and the colors are interesting. Seeing the Dietrich OT-5 and OT-6, I can't help but wonder what would happen if you took a muted version of the orange hands on the Dietrich OT-6 and put it on to the Dietrich OT-5 ?could be an interesting combination. Frankly, I would be curious if Dietrich would get to the point of letting customers sort of mix and match the pieces to come up with their own custom Dietrich Organic Time. Aside from a completely new watch, that would seem to be a logical next step for the brand. Of course, if that happens, we will be certain to let you know. dietrichusa.watch

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